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Welcome to Reeves Martial Arts & Fitness

At Reeves Martial Arts & Fitness we are proud to be a family friendly Taekwondo school. At our school students are like family. We are dedicated to helping our students achieve their fitness goals and grow as athletes, learners, leaders, and martial artists. We help students achieve their goals with innovative teaching techniques and the traditional values and benefits of ancient martial arts. 

Free Lesson
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 First time students only. Ages 5 - 65.

Taekwondo News


           Black Belt Training - Silat

9/4            No Classes, Labor Day

9/9            TaeKwonDo Tournament

9/15-18     No Classes

9/16-17     Multi-Martial Arts Gathering

9/29          Student Teacher Day

                 Students bring a non-ninja to their                         class to teach.


           Black Belt Training - Point Sparring

10/6         Color Belt Testing

                Little Ninjas, White-Yellow/Green Belts,

                6:00-6:45 pm

                Green Belts & Up, 7:00 pm


           Black Belt Training - Serrada

11/4         TaeKwonDo Championship Tournament

Ages 50+

Ages 50+

Wise Warriors Taekwondo

Ages 18+

Ages 18+

Adult TaeKwonDo

Ages 8+

Ages 8+

Family Taekwondo

Ages 8-18

Ages 8-18

Youth & Teen Taekwondo

Ages 5-7

Ages 5-7

Little Ninja Taekwondo

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