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How to Keep Your Martial Arts Uniform White


To show respect for your martial arts school, you training, and yourself – martial arts uniforms should be kept clean and in good repair. Keeping your martial arts uniform white can seem like an impossible task, but it is really a number of smaller, completely achievable habits.


  • The first step is to be cautious of what you do in your martial arts uniform. Eating and drinking coffee are not recommended. Playing on the grass is not recommended.

  • Wearing a clean, plain undershirt can help protect your white uniforms from sweat stains.

  • If you get a spot on your uniform rinse it out as soon as possible and treat it with a non-bleach stain remover, let the stain remover soak for several minutes before you put your uniform in the wash.

  • Blood on your martial arts uniform should be rinsed out with cold water immediately. Soak if necessary, scrub with dish soap if necessary and rinse with cold water again.

  • Do not wash your uniform with colored clothes.

  • Washing your uniform in hot water is fine.

  • No bleach. It can ruin your patches and stripes.

  • Add half a scoop of baking soda in with your regular laundry soap.

  • Check your uniforms thoroughly in between washing and drying. If spots are still there start the stain treating and washing over again.

  • Folding your uniform right after drying is good enough for regular classes, ironing is good for formal occasions like testing or tournaments.

  • At Reeves Martial Arts & Fitness you can also wear a black uniform, or black uniform and Taekwondo T-shirt with your belt for regular training days.


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