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What School Teachers Are Saying:


July 2015


To Whom It May Concern,


I am writing to acknowledge the character growth in Matthew, a 3rd grade student in my classroom during the 2013 – 2014 school year. I noticed that since Matthew started Taekwondo in November of 2014, he made outstanding growth, not only academically, but socially as well. I could always count on Matthew to be completely honest in his dealings with others. He is a young man of integrity who knows what is right and has learned to accept responsibility for his actions. Matthew is an extremely well-mannered, courteous young man. He knows the importance of taking turns and listening to others. But perhaps the greatest growth in Matthew occurred in his development of self-control. I marveled as he learned and applied coping strategies to help him in situations that were stressful. I know this was extremely difficult for Matthew and I am so very proud of his perseverance in this area. He is truly a remarkable young man and it was my pleasure having him as a student.


Carlene Petersen

Teacher, Bowman Charter School - student, age 10

What Parents Are Saying:

July 2021


"My wife and I are extremely satisfied with our daughter's experience at Reeves Martial Arts. The training environment is clean, safe, and professional everyday. We never have to worry about her safety or wellbeing while at a typical day of training or at summer camp with Master Reeves around. She is a highly trained black belt professional who thoroughly enjoys training others in this field. We are always quick to refer friends and look forward to our younger children going to learn at Reeves Martial Arts!"


- Dave S. - daughter, age 8

January 2018


"My son has been with Master Reeves at Reeves Martial Arts for a year now, and we could not be happier! My son's ADHD symptoms have vastly improved since starting classes there. Master Reeves works so well with her students, and has the ability to provide individual attention even during a full class. Class times are convenient as well. Highly recommend this martial arts school."


- Amanda K. - son, age 10

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What Students Are Saying:


"I highly recommend Reeves Martial Arts and Fitness for all ages and abilities. Master Reeves provides excellent training and gears her


programs to meet individuals needs (both kids and adults) regardless of experience level. She is professional and creates a fun, family


friendly environment for her students. This is such a great Taekwondo studio! Come join us!"


- Kim C., Taekwondo 1st Degree Black Belt, age 50ish

"After 20 years and some time off from Tae Kwon Do, I've come full-circle back to training with Master Reeves. It was one of the wisest


decisions I've made as a "senior"! Master Reeves understands my physical issues (which seem to vary from class to class) and tailors my


training to get the best out of myself. I strongly recommend Reeves Martial Arts to everyone from kids to adults!"



- Gary S., Taekwondo 4th Degree Black Belt, age 63




"Great for meeting people; building self-esteem, confidence, and muscles. Requires focus and dedication, but you are supported by

your teachers and peers."


- Katie C., Taekwondo 3rd Degree Black Belt




"I loved TKD for the inner strength it made me feel. It was a positive for my life and for my body. It also helped that we had a wonderful leadership team that made my family feel welcomed and loved."        


- Christine N., Brown Belt in Taekwondo




"Love the way you teach! Easy to follow building blocks. Great pace ... even old folks like me are able to not fall too far behind."


- Dave M., 2nd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo




"Besides the obvious health benefits, and the fact that as a woman I like to kick-ass, I met amazing people and I had the best teacher ever, that would be you (Master Reeves)."


- Andrea Q., 1st Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo


"My son and I have been students at Reeves Martial Arts & Fitness for two years now, and cannot recommend it more highly. I am in much better shape and have managed to become more flexible, much to my surprise! Reeves just moved a couple of suites over in the same building to what is becoming a very nice, spacious, and well-lit dojang. 


The classes are very well-organized, with the skills learned at each belt level building on the skills needed for the next. Upon occasion when I've gone to class and have a tight back, I notice there are extra back stretches that class - in other words, Master Reeves is very observant of the students and is good at tailoring to their needs to get the best out of them. 


Master Reeves has an uncanny ability to effectively communicate with her students, regardless of age. I have seen many students blossom in that time, especially the kids, who are showing increased concentration, self-confidence, amd perseverance. While they are expected to do their best every class, the atmosphere there is relaxed, and like family.


Go watch a class or two and decide for yourself!"


- Brian W. - TaeKwonDo 1st Degree Black Belt, age 51

"For me, the benefits of Taekwondo are enormous! It's so fun, I forget I'm working out. It is incredibly helpful in reducing stress, improving flexability, and keeping our minds sharp - just to name a few. It's awesome when you have a great instructor too!"

- Heidi G. - Taekwondo Green Belt, age 51

"TKD is the perfect antidote after a long day at the office or on the road."

- Chris H. - Taekwondo 3rd Degree Black Belt, age 52

"After a tough and challenging day, I have never found anything that even comes close to bringing me back to a "restful and peaceful state" like Taekwondo! This "gift" of Taekwondo has been as challenging as it has been rewarding! For those that think "I don't have the time or energy," you couldn't be more mistaken. The moment you come home and turn that TV on to watch an hour of junk, you could have been challenging and rewarding yourself. The rewards are amazing and they just keep coming. Mental and physical rewards I never thought possible.. even at 50 years young. Thank you Master Reeves for all you do to inspire an guide us!"

- Mike G. - Taekwondo Gree Belt, age 50

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