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Children's Fitness, ages 5-7

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The Little Ninjas TaeKwonDo program at Reeves Martial Arts & Fitness is great for kids!


We don't mind tricking kids into good habits by distracting them with fun and exciting martial arts. The kids are having so much fun kicking and making friends in our classes that they don't realize how many valuable life skills they're learning. Children are also learning to enjoy fitness and make exercising a fun part of their daily routine. At Reeves Martial Arts & Fitness we use the Korean martial art of Taekwondo to achieve positively life altering results for our students. The expierenced instructors, senior students, and classmates become more than just positive examples and influences, they become a martial arts family.

Do you have a child with anxiety, adhd, dyslexia, or high functioning autism? There are only two requirements for doing well at Reeves Martial Arts & Fitness: show up often and sincerely try your very best. Different students have different goals and it takes as long as they need it too to achieve those goals. Our experienced instructors are happy to try and help your child achieve their goals if they really want to be a ninja, show up often, and try their very best. The best way to gauge your child's interest in training is to bring them in to watch a class appropriate for their age. This will introduce the child to the atmosphere, instructor, and class structure gently. If the child can watch a whole class and remain interested - the next step is to schedule a free trial class.

Try a Free Lesson
Of course, you should try a Free Class before you make up your mind!
Schedule a Free Class by emailing us at
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 First time students only. Ages 5-65.

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