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DIY Self-Improvement

How to Achieve Your Fitness & Personal Goals in 5 Steps

You're busy, many people and things count on you functioning at peak efficiency every day. Can you continue to function well if you don't make time to take care of yourself? What better investment can you make than in your mental health, physical well being, and personal growth?


So this year you've resolved to ... With a sincere heart and the best of intentions - this year you're going to improve yourself and achieve your goals. And yet, the best laid plans fail if you fail to plan. Every good DIY project needs a clear goal and a plan to achieve it.


Step #1

Start with the goal. Do you wand to:

  • Break out of your rut and try new things.

  • Improve your memory.

  • Drop two pant sizes.

  • Play an instrument.

  • Cope with stress better.

  • Set a better example for your children of how to live life well.



Step #2

Give yourself a pep talk. It is not to late to achieve your goals. Did you know that many famous painters didn't take up painting seriously until after they retired? The human mind and body have very few limits to how much they can learn or what they can achieve. And most of those limits are self-imposed. What does your internal voice tell you? That you can't because... More often than not it's your own self doubts that hold you back rather than an external source. The only person who has the power to make your life better is you. Get started!


Step #3

Analyze your schedule. Keep a log of how your time is spent for a week. What tasks are unimportant time wasters? You have more time than you think, is it better spent watching re-runs or making yourself proud by achieving your goals. Do you have half an hour or an hour a day you can re-route towards your goals? Your self-improvement project will fail if you don't schedule time for it. Schedule time for yourself and keep the appointment!


Step #4

Recruit help. No great deed is accomplished alone. You need a partner who's goals align with your own. Want to learn to cook? Schedule cooking lessons and hang out time with your best friend who's a maestro in the kitchen. Or take lessons from a pro, lessons are not just for kids, they're for anyone who wants to explore and improve themselves. If you don't know an expert in what you want to do, ask your friends for referrals. Preview classes to find if the instructor is right for you. A good workout buddy or instructor is invested in your goals too and will encourage you and hold you accountable.


Step #5

Get started! As the wise man says, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." The first step is always the scariest. What might happen? You fail to achieve your goal? You'll definitely fail if you don't try. But, you might reach your goals and have fun along the way. Remember Wayne Gretzky says, "You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take." So get started now!

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