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Effective & Easy to Learn Self-Defense at Reeves Martial Arts & Fitness


Why Do I Need Self-Defense?

Why do i need self-defense

You've got life insurance, health insurance, car insurance, boat insurance, and even pet insurance. Why haven't you invested in a little insurance towards your personal safety? We all hope that we won't need self-defense, but we all know someone who did and didn't have it. Investing in your safety and the safety of your loved ones is the most important thing you will do for your family. At Reeves Martial Arts & Fitness we teach effective and easy to learn self-defense because complicated and hard to remember wont protect you in a clinch.

Children's Safety & Awareness

Children's Safety & Awareness

For the littlest children safety awreness is often about the simplest knowledge we may take for granted and forget to teach our children. What do you do in case of emergency? If you are lost at the mall? If a person in strange car wants you to come closer? If someone is hurt? Can you tell someone your parents name and phone number in case you are seperated? We practice these situations and make them part of our Tiny Tiger curriculum.

Self-Defense Training is Good for the Bullied & the Bully

Bullied & Bullies

Good for the bullied you might understand but, good for the bully too? Yes, training at Reeves Martial Arts & Fitness can benefit either of these situations.


Bullies and criminals really share a lot in common with the animal kingdom predators. A hungry lioness isn't going to go after the healthiest, strongest, fastest antelope in the heard. She's going to pick one that looks like it will be an easy target and won't kick back. Studies of what criminals are looking for in a target indicate that they think along the same lines. They want some one who looks weak, unaware of their surroundings, and unable to get away or fight back. Aside from the physically strenghtening benefits of training in TaeKwonDo, it also makes you look tougher. At Reeves Martial Arts & Fitness we think one of the most beautiful things to watch is they way a timid, bullied child blossoms during their TaeKwonDo training. They go from slumped shouldered, head down, and quiet voices (trying to make themselves smaller and less noticeable) to walking with their head up, meeting peoples eyes, standing up straight, and moving with the confidence all their TaeKwonDo training has instilled in them. The result is, without ever needing to get in a fight, they no longer look like an easy victim.


Bullies tend to lack confiedence too. They benefit from learning to value and respect themselves and others. At Reeves Martial Arts & Fitness we teach respect, self-control, courtesy, and build confidence in every class. Our classes are wonderful mixing pots of ages, ethnicities, body types, and learning styles. This mixture is deliberate so that students learn to comminicate with and value people of all types. While you might think of martial arts as an individual pursuit rather than a team sport, we are very much a team at Reeves Martial Arts & Fitness. More of a family really. Instructors and senior students are our encouraging elders and mentors, and in turn - lower ranking students become like your little bothers and sisters who look up to you for the positive attitude, and good examples you set. We teach self-control, self-discipline, courtesy, confidence, respect, and a healthy lifestyle by modeling the behavior for our students. This is often exactly the environment that can turn a bully into positive role model.

Women's Self-Defense

Women's Self-Defense

Why do the kicks of TaeKwonDo work so well for keeping women safe? We teach you to utelize your legs, the longest limbs and most powerful muscles in your body, to disable and keep attackers away. TaeKwonDo is also good in close quarters, enabling you to escape from grabs and avoid and block strikes. Attending a self-defense seminar is a good start, it will increase your safety-awarness and give you a preview of a couple effective self-defense techniques. But, during times of immediate stress like a sudden attack will you be able to recall those techniques or will your brain shut-off in panic? Training in TaeKwonDo at Reeves Martial Arts & Fitness develops musle memory of self-defense skills. Muscle memory is absolutely essential in a fight or flight situation. Your body will react to defend itself, as it was trained to do, without your brain having to search its memory banks for the appropriate response. Over the last twenty years of teaching, many of our students have reported back to us when they have had to use their self-defense. They were all extreemly grateful that their training kicked in when they needed it the most.

"Besides the obvious health


benefits, and the


fact that as a woman I


like to kick-ass, I met


amazing people and I had


the best teacher ever, that


would be you (Mrs.Reeves)."


Andrea Q.,

1st Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo


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