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Youth Martial Arts & Fitness, ages 8-17

What Parents Are Saying:


January 2018


"My son has been with Master Reeves at Reeves Martial Arts for a year now, and we could not be happier! My son's ADHD symptoms have vastly improved since starting classes there. Master Reeves works so well with her students, and has the ability to provide individual attention even during a full class. Class times are convienient as well. Highly reccomend this martial arts school."


- Amanda K.


Taekwondo's Belt System is the Key

to Helping Our Kids Excell at Life

Every great accomplishment is achieved through the development of big goals. Those big goals can be broken down into smaller, bite-sized goals. Earning your Black Belt in TaeKwonDo is a very big accomplishment for a young person. The achievement will give them confidence and a tool box of healthy habitls and valuable life skills that they can carry with them to school, relationships, and careers. But, black belt is a really big goal, about 3 years worht of training, and 3 years is a huge percentage of a child's life. So, reaching black belt is divided into a series of smaller goals that can be achieved every few months, the color belts of Taekwondo. Even the color belts are divided into smaller goals that can be achieved every few weeks, stripes on the belt. This is how young students learn goal building skills, confidence, focus, and a can-do attitude. Call to try your free intro lessons.

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Brother & Sister training in Taekwondo at Reeves Martial Arts & Fitness in Auburn, CA..png

Friends training in TaeKwonDo together since 2015.

Brother & Sister training in TaeKwonDo since 2021.

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 First time students only. Ages 5-65.

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