Welcome to Reeves Martial Arts & Fitness

At Reeves Martial Arts & Fitness we are proud to be a family friendly Taekwondo school. At our school students are like family and We are dedicated to helping our students achieve their fitness goals and grow as athletes, learners, leaders, and martial artists. We help students achieve their goals with innovative teaching techniques and the traditional values and benefits of ancient martial arts. 

1 Free Month of Lessons

No purchase or commitment necessary.

Please, call (530) 863-0822 to schedule your first class, or email kick@reevesmartialartsandfitness.com

Ages 5-75.

First time students only.

Senior Taekwondo

"After 20 years and some time off from Tae Kwon Do, I've come full-circle back to training with Master Reeves. It was one of the wisest decisions I've made as a "senior"! Master Reeves understands my physical issues which seem to vary from class to class) and tailors my training to get the best out of myself. I strongly recommend Reeves Martial Arts to everyone from kids to adults!" - Gary S., Taekwondo 4th Degree Black Belt